Mares y Pares,  welcome to Sarasota and another heartwarming and fun filled AS-IS Reunion!  Remember that there are things in this short life that are voluntary and then there are those "lifetime events" that really define your quality of life. For many of our alums who have attended before, these reunions are one of the latter.  As I mentioned in previous Facebook posts, nobody understands "us" like we understand each other.

Sarasota is a jewel of a town and April weather in Sarasota is heaven on earth.  Although this venue will be smaller and more informal than some in recent past, I expect it to be well attended and also promise it will be one of the most relaxed, pleasant and memorable reunions. In return for your commitment to attend,  I pledge to do everything in my power as your host to to make sure your lifetime event was everything you wanted and expected it to be.    ~ Sam Lubus '75



Who is coming?
Of course, this is what everyone wants to know first.  Please see the Status Page for more information.  Meanwhile,  please read on.

How are they getting there?
Flights into Sarasota are limited and sometimes costly.  Flights are more abundant into Tampa or Fort Meyers. Travel from these airports to Sarasota by car is approximately 1 hour 20 minutes.  Renting a car is highly recommended.  Weekend rates are generally very competitive.  There is a Share Page for attendees that want to share hotel rooms or car rentals, etc.  Please email your event organizer if you would like to carpool or share rooms.  You can do this very conveniently from the Share Page,  Click here for the Share Page

What will this event cost me?
The stuff we do together is cheap!  However,  for your own budgeting purposes, airfare and lodging in SW Florida during season are the most expensive cost components.  Airfare into this area might be as high as $400 so a realistic estimate for both would be approx $875 total. If you share rooms and a car, the estimate might be approx $640.  The cost of the events and incidentals are negligible in comparison  (est. < $100).  Bear in mind, that this Reunion starts on Tax Return Day;  if you have a refund coming,  your trip is paid for.  :-)


Your deposits are your bona fide commitment to attend. Because April is high season in SW Florida, most hotels require a deposit to hold rooms. There will also be advanced commitments made to other vendors to cover the fixed cost of our group events.

The deposits are composed of three parts in order to give all attendees complete flexibility as to what they want to do and when they want to do it; 1. your hotel deposit  2. group event "Beach BBQ Day" and 3. Pasig River Party at Malacaņang Palace.  For those of you who plan to share rooms or whom are not staying at the hotel or may only be able to make one group event,  you are encouraged to make any relevant deposit to cover the cost of events you will attend.  Menu options to handle any combination of these choices appear on the Paypal "Pay Now" button on the Payments Page.  However, before doing this, it is necessary to register first on the Registration Page.  Registration is obviously important for continuous planning of this event so please register and send your deposit early!

Please note that all deposits received will be net of 2.9% PayPal processing fees; you will be independently responsible for the balance of your room charges, applicable taxes,  as well as any incidentals you charge to your room.  Sorry,  No Checks.

All deposits are fully refundable less PayPal processing fees of 2.9% for every transaction; in or out.  You have up until one week prior to the reunion (April 9, 2015) to process a refund. If no deposit was received at this deadline,  we will assume you are not attending. 

Early Bird Discounts
Sorry, but there are no discounts for early registration;  However, there are two collective social benefits of registering and paying early.  1. your visible commitment encourages more alums to attend and 2. the greater the confirmed attendance is before the close of registration, the lower the individual cost and the higher the quality of the Planned Events.  It is up to you;  your early investment will benefit everyone including yourself.

There are planned group events and optional events available depending on your arrival and departure.  You will be in a particularly beautiful part of Florida and you might want to see some of it.  But if your idea of a good time is just hanging out by the pool with your old pals.....so be it!  No pressure to do anything.....Enjoy yourself!  Here is a proforma schedule of all events:

Thursday April 16th 5:30PM til ?
Early Bird Welcome Party at the Tiki Bar Poolside - cash bar only
Friday April 17th ~11:00AM to ~2:00PM*
(Optional) Myakka State Park Visit -  $5 per car entry fee. (lunch available at snack bar)

(Optional) Airboat Tour at the park
- Approx $12 per adult + $5 park entry fee above.
Or you can jus' hang out poolside for chismis and have a cheeseburger in paradise.

Friday April 17th ~6:30PM to ~10:00PM*

Live Music at the Poolside Tiki Bar - cash bar only
Saturday April 18th ~9:00AM to ~ 4:00PM
BEACH BBQ DAY at Nokomis Beach! (NOTE: attendance and deposit required!)
Keg Party at the comfortable and covered Nokomis Beach Pavilion featuring Sam Adams beer (San Miguel N/A in this area) , Catered BBQ Chicken and corn on the cob - Florida Style. Cost: Approx $20 per person. Note: Car pooling will be necessary.
Saturday April 18th ~7:00PM to ~ 11:00PM
Pasig Waterfront Party at Malacaņang Palace (NOTE: attendance and deposit required!)
Featuring Sarasota's favorite rock band, "Twinkle Rock and Soul"  (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Svi8I-515Vk
Catering, open bar, round trip bus service from the hotel. Cost: Approx $60 per person. 
Saturday April 18th ~11:00PM to ~ 2:00AM
The Jaguar Lounge Bar and Music Club - Bentley Botique Hotel  (optional event)
Close down the bar back at the ranch if you are a party animal! - cash bar only
Sunday April 19th ~ All Day
Die Hard Tiki Bar Pool Party - For those that can't get enough reunion - cash bar only  

Propjet Tours of the Coast
- *Pilot friends who are still in town - weather, time and other factors depending.


Status Page
The Status Page is a table disclosing who is coming, when they are coming, what their deposit status is, what events they plan to attend, their room preference, sharing of rooms or cars and all other pertinent registration information essential to managing the reunion.  This information will be public so that all potential alumni attendees can better plan their own itinerary and budget.  Click here to go to the Status Page.
Full Disclosure Policy
The organizers will post copies of bank statements, invoices from vendors and any other reunion financial activities in order to disclose all sources and uses of funds used for this event.  Please note that the organizers anticipate that some costs may not be adequately covered and they are prepared to underwrite them personally if necessary.  Click here to go to the Disclosure Page.